Simple wordpress trick

We all want to share something sometimes right? Legally of course 🙂 For instance I always wanted to share my music with people, but since I had free version of wordpress I couldn`t, because you`d always had to upgrade your account. Another reason is because wordpress (free) only accepts pdf, doc, docx and pictures. Well here is a simple solution.

You will need Winrar for this. You can get it at  Once you have done that, this is what you do.

Step 1.

Choosing your file – I chose one of my songs (also I have done everything on desktop, works everywhere)

Step 2.

Right click on your mouse and then select Add to achieve. (shown in picture below)

Step 3

Once program loads just change the extension to pdf. Mine looks like this. Note: It will say “your folder/file name.rar! – don`t forget to change it to .pdf

You should get pdf file. (picture below)

Step 4

Upload it to your wordpress blog.

RESULT – Simple yet effective

Faith (Dminor) (right click + save as) – Voila you`re done 🙂

To open a file you will need to either start WinRar or right click and open it with WinRar. For some also renaming the extension to .rar works.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial




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