Play Alien Swarm with friends over Tunngle

In order to play with friends over Steam you have to have a purchased game on Steam. Without that you cannot add friends to your steam account. However Alien Swarm offers Lan play and as it happens we have Tunngle at our disposal. Tunngle is a free VPN that enables you to play LAN games over internet (emulating LAN on internet – in a nutshell).

I tested it last night and it works great. I think there might be another solution though (haven`t tested it yet). If you enable or download dedicated server console, I think connect function might work also (as in “connect ip of your friend”). Will test it and report back (don`t know when though).

In order to play, you and your friend have to join Alien Swarm room in Tunngle (browse – shooter – alien swarm(c-emu), create a game, one player starts the game and then others join. Its that simple.

Get Tunngle at:

Game on 🙂

2 Responses to “Play Alien Swarm with friends over Tunngle”
  1. Versatile says:

    Alien Swam is a free download on Steam now, so that covers everything.

  2. warhog says:

    Thanks guy, that’s what i was looking for 🙂 We were trying many times with connect command and still it wasn’t working.

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