F.B. Purity (clean your Facebook feed)

If your like me and really hate those FarmVille, Horoskop and other stupid stuff on Facebook being displayed in your feed, this script is definitely the solution.

In order to install this script you will need Greasemonkey add on. After you have installed add on you can install F.B. purity.


FB Purity blocks the following (well it doesn`t block it just shows stuff you are probably interested in)

By default the “Extras” that the script hides are:

  • “Became a Fan Of”
  • “Joined a Group”
  • “Became a Friend of”
  • “Is Attending an event”
  • “Attended an Event”

Additional optional “Extras” that can also be hidden, but are shown by default are:

  • “Commented on/Likes Status”
  • “Tagged in/Likes/Commented on Photo”
  • “Tagged in Album”
  • “Commented on/Likes Album”
  • “Commented on/Likes Link”
  • “Wall Comments”
  • “Group Wall Comments”
  • “Liked” (Became a fan of)
  • “Page Wall Comments”
  • “Posted an Event”
  • “Attending an event”
  • “Attended an event”
  • “Updated profile info”
  • “Changed profile pic”
  • “Changed relationship status”

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