How to play Worms Reloaded in Tunngle

Props to ShadowDuke in Tunngle room for the link!

You will need the following:

1. Game

2. Steam account (make new one, just in case)

3. No cracks needed!

4. Download the following files (scaned with Nod32 – no viruses found)

In the files you will also find README and be sure to read it just in case!

How to play: (skidrow version)

1. Copy content from /crack to gamedir.
2. Copy content from /smartsteam to Steam dir. (If u do not have steam, install it!)
3. Start smartsteam.exe (wait, its downlaoding and updating steam).
4. After that, start it again and make a blank (new) account.
5. Login with your account.
6. Downlaod Tunngle and go in a channel (Worms Reloaded Channel is already there).
7. Start the Game.
8. Create or join a LAN Game (You can play now with all people in that channel).

*Always start with SMARTSTEAM and not Steam!

*To search go NETWORK and search game

You are now ready to play Worms Realoaded


Be sure that your firewall has an exeption for the Worms, or allow connection.

Make sure your ports are forwarded (11155).

Do not use any cracks. If you did use it before be sure to reinstall the game and try again.

Check that Tunngle priority is set correctly (has to be in the first place) – Network settings/connections – Advanced settings

Support the game developers if you like the game.

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  1. Kombadatchan says:

    Link is broken ;/

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