How to play FIFA 2011 in Tunngle

I haven`t tested it yet (dont know if I will).

By now you should be familiar with Tunngle and the whole process should be very easy.

1. Open Tunngle and go to Sport and choose Fifa 2011

2. Start the game and go to LAN

3. Search for the match/game etc

4. Enjoy

Who ever tested it – please confirm it under comments.

Known issues:

1. Connection time out – many have that issue (if I find how to fix it will be writen here)

Possible solutions: (these are according to tunngle room):

1. Disconect trick (disable and enable Lan while ingame)

2. Wait for Teknogods release.



1. Have latest version of the game and tunngle (if you don`t know, then ask in Tunngle room)

2. According to Fifa 2011 official site the game has lan option and it doesn`t require you to login to EA server

3. Make sure your priorities are set for Tunngle (Network settings – Advanced settings – Tunngle has to be on top)

4. If you wish to host a game make sure you have portforwarded 11155

5.. Support the developers!

6. Buy the game if you like it!


Extract from Fifa 2011 official site


New for FIFA 11 PC, you will be able to host your own LAN parties and play friends online without being connected to EA servers. A dynamic server lobby will allow you to see what other games are currently available. Elect to join a game or host your own. Matches can be played with a variety of game settings in either Classic or Be A Pro mode as well as up to 5v5 team play. Once a LAN lobby room is setup, users can chat with others via text and as well as VOIP (Voice Over IP Chat) in-game.

16 Responses to “How to play FIFA 2011 in Tunngle”
  1. pablo says:

    this is so cool!

  2. BlooDkh says:

    when I try to connect with someone it says to me “Connection has timed out” ;(

    • Pumpkin says:

      Are you using router? Check the firewall settings for Fifa 2011 and tick the boxes local and public, see if that helps. If you`ll experience more problems let me know and I`ll check it out, or ask in Tunngle room. Also make sure you have updated Tunngle.

  3. 1221212 says:

    nap dont work

  4. Krasi says:

    Hey.. ye all have this problem.. I just turn off my antivir + fire wall but when try connect then the msg: TIME OUT… always the same….

    please HELP…

  5. hoan says:

    the same problem as in fifa 10 fifa09 etc.
    only direct ip worked, if you chose the other one (dont remember the name, multiplayer lobby or sth like that)
    you saw your mate but cant connect.
    now there is no direct ip and it doesnt work..

  6. Naf185 says:

    yeah the same error message !

  7. cosmin says:

    I have some problem with Connection time out,I have a routerd-link DI524…I configured the router but he don’t works,When I play fifa10 and I give host, it’s works because I write the ports in to the router with this ports TCP/IP ports: 80, 443, 30440-30449,UDP ports: 3658, 3659, 9570 and like this video , , and he works,but for fifa11 dont’ works,pleace help us,tnx

  8. vinoth says:

    I cant able to join in the lobby.It shows Connection timed out when i enter in to that room.
    I need help.

  9. danny says:

    i have opened port, and still cant get to play, i can try without my router, direct connection, surely that aint the issue, could people without routers, try? im willing to, join my site perhaps or email me and we can try, im in tunggle too sometimes thanx!

  10. chris says:

    my issue is that when i start the game and begin an exhibition match,i can use my 360 controller,, but as soon as i connect to a lan game with someone, my controller stops working, please someone help its driving me up the wall, just a stupid detail

  11. ian says:

    Where I can download FIFA 2011 full version? Can you give me the links? thanks before

  12. Swaggertyz says:

    i hvnt tested yet

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