FIFA 11 possible Lan solution with proof

Whoever hosts, must not host the game over router. After the game is set people with routers can join. This was debated in tunngle room and I take no credit for this. This is the best solution for now, If anything new comes up, I`ll update the post.

Here is the proof.

Hosting proof 😉

Here is what I did

1. Tried it first (timeout error)

2. Added exeptions in firewall settings (local and public box), then for some reason another fifa file appeared so I checked those too

3. Joined a game (first video) – worked

4. Hosted a game and it worked like a charm (second video)

Note: I don`t use router – It may or may not work for you I don`t know but people are playing it. I also joined a Fifa 2010 room because Fifa 11 wouldn`t connect.

Hope that will solve problems at least for some.

12 Responses to “FIFA 11 possible Lan solution with proof”
  1. firmex says:

    doesnt work. as i predicted. still connection timed out… and as i see im not the only one.

    • Pumpkin says:

      I don`t know what is causing the error. I had connection timeout and still do at some point, but most of the time its working normaly. If I find out more I`ll update the post.

  2. Versatile says:

    Please comment: Those who have a router…why can’t they port forward udp 11155? Does it still time out?

  3. juri says:

    do you play with gamepad or with keyboard, cause i connected with my friend and we couldn´t move with players with keyboard. anyone can solve this problem ?

    • Pumpkin says:

      Um have you checked in-game settings? I played with keyboard. Worked fine.

      • juri says:

        when i want to configure in game controller so, it write that i have to connect controller, it doesn´t recognize keyboard as a controller. my mate has this problem too. you don´t have this problem ?

      • Pumpkin says:

        No sorry. There is a fifaconfigure.exe maybe you should try running that and map your keyboard there.
        Location should be /fifa11/game/fifasetup/fifaconfig.exe

        Try there if you can setup your keyboard.

  4. juri says:

    No I have keyboard normal configured in fifaconfig, I play matches in manager mode etc. but when i connect with my friend trought tunngle and chose teams then when game starts so I´m pushing buttons and players do nothing.

  5. juri says:

    I have solved the problem. When you want to play with keyboard on LAN you have to delete rna.ini witch is for skipping intro. Thanks

    • Pumpkin says:

      Well if it works for you, than tnx for letting us know 😉

      • saikat says:

        if u wanna play lan game wid keyboard, simply create a notepad where fifa11.exe exists….make d extension .ini and give name it rna .i.e make a rna.ini in ur fifa11.exe location and save it….u wil b able 2 play wid keyboard…

  6. hungry says:

    i and my friend ,when try to play this game through lan ,
    both of our computer does’t allow to other computer to join that computer..
    when he host the game and i try to connect to him ,it shows joining for lobby room .
    and after a few second, it shows connection timed out,please help us,both of us facing the same problem..

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