Marketning of madness full documentary

Very informative documentary. Tom Cruise approves 😉 _______________________________________ Advertisements

Lost planet 2 Teknogods dll was released today

In case you didn`t know Teknogods released their beta 18 dll fix for Lost planet 2 today. Beta 18 enables you to play Lost planet 2 through Tunngle. I don`t have the game yet, but I`m pretty sure it works the same as it did for other games. Get the Beta 18 here. Here is … Continue reading

How to play Minecraft in Tunngle

This one is pretty straight forward 1. Join Tunngle room called Minecraft or Minecraft (2) 2. Ask or wait till someone adds IP 3. Enter tunngle IP into your Minecraft multiplayer 4. Have fun 5. Here is a guide on how to build suff: _________________________________________ Additional notes: 1. If you downloaded alpha version from … Continue reading

Medal of Honor open beta starts today

Medal of Honor open beta starts today and will be going till 7th October. Go try it out and see if its a buy or a “rent”. I will try and record some videos for you. Edit: Gameplay videos added (wasn`t really trying) 🙂