How to play Minecraft in Tunngle

This one is pretty straight forward

1. Join Tunngle room called Minecraft or Minecraft (2)

2. Ask or wait till someone adds IP

3. Enter tunngle IP into your Minecraft multiplayer

4. Have fun

5. Here is a guide on how to build suff:


Additional notes:

1. If you downloaded alpha version from TPB just click minecraft.exe than select offline mode

2. Additionaly you can click minecraft_name.jar, enter name and then click play offline

3. Either way you can select multiplayer (it is IP based)


More notes:

1. Support the developer and buy the game if you like it

2. Blacklist spammers in Tunngle


2 Responses to “How to play Minecraft in Tunngle”
  1. matixpl says:


  2. Nazri says:

    use which ip? tunggle or pc ip adresses?

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