SCC Clan

We created this clan so that members from around the world can wage wars against each other. We are highly trained imaginary soldiers. Yes! Sitting behind the computer is practically the same as being right there in the battlefield. Our members not only that they have skills but their skills are on such high level that we can call them special abilities. Sitting for 10 hours straight behind the computer takes great human strength and mind preparation that you can’t imagine. So without further a do we present to you our heroic characters.

Was born on September 17th, five minutes after his older brother threw up for the first time. without going into too much details, we have provided you with the basic information about his life.

Date of Birth (DOB): 17.09.1975
Location: Somewhere in Europe
Mother: Polonia Da Pony
Father: Stavros Da Pony
Brother: Ramon Da Pony


  • Playing games
  • Making music
  • Drinking while sitting in front of computer
  • Playing games for a very long time (not including with himself)

Occupation: Music Producer, Occasional stripper (fathers legacy)
Likes: Loves cats, sunny weather in rainy season,
Dislikes: Hates dogs

Special abilities:

  • Sitting in front of computer for 10 hours straight
  • Drinking while playing games
  • Highly developed point finger
  • Passing out in front of everybody

We know little of his existence. We really have no clue from where this guy came from. We welcome him with open arms?

Date of Birth (DOB): Unknown
Location: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Brother: Unknown


  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

Occupation: Unknown
Likes: We know that he likes to watch birds.
Dislikes: We are afraid to ask

Special abilities:

  • Apparently he is really good with fingers (what ever that means)
  • Owns pretty much everyone
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

As the name suggested, he is the BRAIN of the whole operation! He manages to compete in two tournaments at the same time. He was born once somewhere in Europe. All we know is that, he has two brothers, one sister, one father and one mother. Few details are listed below.

Date of Birth (DOB): 22.01.1984
Location: Hospital
Mother: Nancy DotMPG
Father: Reagan DotMPG
Brother: Bushy and Walter DotMPG


  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Thinking (we are not sure what he ment by that)

Occupation: MoDaW (Ministry of Defence and Warfare)
Likes: Classified
Dislikes: Classified

Special abilities:

  • Brain
  • Thinks for himself
  • Thinks instead of us

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