F3AR update with playable multiplayer

Thanx to kelpo from CS.RIN.RU This also works if you used Skidrow MP patch. 1. Update the game (do not use any of the executables from crack folder) 2. Download this MP patch 3. Copy the files to your games directory and overwrite. 4. Play & enjoy 5. Buy the game if your playing it … Continue reading

How to play Minecraft in Tunngle

This one is pretty straight forward 1. Join Tunngle room called Minecraft or Minecraft (2) 2. Ask or wait till someone adds IP 3. Enter tunngle IP into your Minecraft multiplayer 4. Have fun 5. Here is a guide on how to build suff: http://www.echidnatribe.org/Minecraft/crafting.php _________________________________________ Additional notes: 1. If you downloaded alpha version from … Continue reading

Most played games on Tunngle

First person shooters (FPS) Action Strategy Simulation Sport RPG

Making of Mortal Kombat 3

I bet you didn`t know Sector`s and Cyrax`s original names were Ketchup and Mustard 🙂

Games released today (24th August)

MAFIA 2 (PC, PS3, XBOX 360) Mafia II is a gritty drama which chronicles the rise of World War II veteran Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants. As the game progresses, Vito will join the Falcone Crime Family and become a made man. The story begins with the player character Vito returning home on … Continue reading

Microsoft announces “Flight” and “Age of Empires Online”

Microsoft announced the development of “Microsoft Flight” and is already beta testing Age of Empires online. This time Microsoft renamed its franchise to Flight and that is all of the information out there. However you can sign up for Age of Empires Online Beta here.

This is how you play Street Fighter IV

Found this on Kotaku. Great vocabulary is all I can say 🙂 Article was found here.

StarCraft 2 offline skrimish enabler

Works like a charm. Also visit Versatile blog (link in in the sidebar)