You have been warned: Introduction

Well firstly I want to thank everyone who is visiting this blog for this or that reason. To clear things up first. I do not make any money providing you the information (can`t say I haven`t been tempted by it) nor will I in the future. I am not one those who post posts first just to get clicks, because as I already said I do not make money of this blog. This was mainly created for fun and to provide information which is for some reason keept by a few people. I do not support piracy (although it may seem that way) but I do believe that it is ok to try the software you like (excluding demos). People will buy software regardless, even the ones that downloaded a copy from the internet. Well thats enough 🙂

This section “You have been warned” is about where to find information you are looking for and for spoting online scams. For some reason people don`t know how to use google :S and end up with stolen IDs, credit cards etc. I am not a genius either, but I do recognize scams, fakes very fast. For instance:… Could be a nice tool but people tend to use it for other purposes, like sharing cracks and making you pay for it by filling those stupid surveys. And they actually have an excuse for it. “Oh  it only takes 5 mins and whats wrong with making few cents on a side.” Well firstly (msg to those) you share illegal content and making money of it, and secondly you suck (pun intended) 🙂 By the way, did you know that you will mostlikey end up with some kind of virus and a banned email address. If you want a certain no-cd/dvd crack you go to Game Copy World. If its not there then its is mostlikey unavailable.

Well I think you get the picture of what I tend to do with this section and I will also include other scams (like Forex scams, money schemes, email fraud and other).

Now, Im interested in what you want to read/learn here (more Tunngle, game stuff or other)? Write under comments.


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