How to play Xbox360/Original games online for free

A great article from Torching Igloos. Usefull stuff, be sure to read it. Read it here. Advertisements

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

DESCRIPTION Released in 1999, Garou: Mark of the Wolves is the most recent game in SNK’s Fatal Fury series. Considered by many to be SNK’s answer to Capcom’s Street Fighter 3 series, not entirely because of the game’s sudden dramatic change in roster (Only Terry Bogard was carried through from previous titles). Ports of Garou … Continue reading

Street Fighter Alpha 3, Kaillera and Tunngle test

Was testing SF Alpha 3 with a friend using Kaillera, Tunngle and Kawaks 1.59. Worked great and I am planning on writing a tutorial on how to setup everything. There are still some problems that needs to be fixed before I am fully able to write a tutorial. For this test I was using one … Continue reading

How to play Worms Reloaded in Tunngle

Props to ShadowDuke in Tunngle room for the link! You will need the following: 1. Game 2. Steam account (make new one, just in case) 3. No cracks needed! 4. Download the following files (scaned with Nod32 – no viruses found) In the files you will also find README and be sure to read … Continue reading

Games released today (24th August)

MAFIA 2 (PC, PS3, XBOX 360) Mafia II is a gritty drama which chronicles the rise of World War II veteran Vito Scaletta, the son of Sicilian immigrants. As the game progresses, Vito will join the Falcone Crime Family and become a made man. The story begins with the player character Vito returning home on … Continue reading

Alien Swarm Adds AI Director, New Difficulty

Since release, we’ve received a ton of feedback and feature requests from the Alien Swarm community. The most requested additions are more variety and greater difficulty. With that in mind, we’ve added “Onslaught” mode, which introduces an AI Director that dynamically generates swarms of aliens based on several factors, such as the squad’s stress level. … Continue reading

Top 10 religions you are part of

Top 10 religions you are definitely part of. Don`t go braindead on me now 🙂 10. World of  TiT-TeR 9. Builders of the TVM 8. Holy visitors from Afiams Raw 7. Church of  VillFearm 6. Bo-KA o FeC 5. Church of EGOGLO 4. Religion of Dons Mc Lad 3. Illuminating sons of Paton Liirsh 2. … Continue reading

How to play Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days over Tunngle

THIS ONLY WORKS FOR MULTIPLAYER! If you want to play coop use google! You will need the following: 1. Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days 🙂 2. Tunggle 3. Hexplorer After you have installed the game you can try if the game has been blocked by firewall. In my case it just happened to be … Continue reading

Soul Calibur in nullDC emulator (Sega Dreamcast)

Soulcalibur is a fighting game developed and produced by Namco. It is the second game in the Soul series. Originally released in the arcades running on the Namco System 12 hardware, Soulcalibur was ported to the Dreamcast with improved graphics and new features. Soulcalibur was later released on Xbox Live Arcade in 2008. The Dreamcast … Continue reading

Money scheme explained

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