How to play Dead Island via Smartsteam or Tunngle

I no longer play this game. No more support for this game. Everything can be found at CS.RIN.RU. UPDATE*** Update 3 for DI. Download here. 1. Copy and overwrite the content. 2. If your steam_appid is set to 57940 this will remove (but not delete) the save files. You can fix that by not copying … Continue reading

F3AR update with playable multiplayer

Thanx to kelpo from CS.RIN.RU This also works if you used Skidrow MP patch. 1. Update the game (do not use any of the executables from crack folder) 2. Download this MP patch 3. Copy the files to your games directory and overwrite. 4. Play & enjoy 5. Buy the game if your playing it … Continue reading

How to play Fear 3 online with Smartsteam

Found on CR.RIN.RU 1. Download the game and install it (works on Skidrow) 2. Download Update1+SP/MP Fix —> new link thanx to Sage 3. Extract it to FEAR 3 directory, replace existing files, delete steamclient.dll from game directory (if there is one) 4. Open SmartSteam & login with your blank account 5. Start the … Continue reading

How to play Duke Nukem Forever Online via SmartSteam

Found at CS.RIN.RU This works with Skidrow release. 1. Download the multiplayer fix here and overwrite the files. Warnin: This will erease your current progress ingame. 2. Start SmartSteam or Steam with your blank account. (if you get banned its not my fault). 3. Start Duke Nukem Forever from your desktop or game folder. 4. … Continue reading

How to play Worms Reloaded in Tunngle

Props to ShadowDuke in Tunngle room for the link! You will need the following: 1. Game 2. Steam account (make new one, just in case) 3. No cracks needed! 4. Download the following files (scaned with Nod32 – no viruses found) In the files you will also find README and be sure to read … Continue reading

Play Alien Swarm with friends over Tunngle

In order to play with friends over Steam you have to have a purchased game on Steam. Without that you cannot add friends to your steam account. However Alien Swarm offers Lan play and as it happens we have Tunngle at our disposal. Tunngle is a free VPN that enables you to play LAN games … Continue reading

Alien Swarm (free game released by Valve)

Last month Valve released a free game called Alien Swarm. It is a third person sci-fi shooter. All I have to say is, that for a free game, game offers a lot of fun which is in my book always good. According to developers this isn`t a full game since it has only one working … Continue reading