How to play Red Orchestra 2 using Tunngle and Smartsteam


Servers. – Thanks to Pandabit from Tunngle

Panda#1 = press F3 and type open

Panda#4 = press F3 and type open (supports update 1)

You`ll need the following:

1. Smartsteam

2. Tunngle

3. MP fix.

Install the game and download this MP fix here (check comments).

Overwrite the files with the content in mp fix (do not overwrite the whole folder).

Start Smartsteam and Tunngle.

Start the game and enjoy. In multiplayer options choose LAN.

This was not tested with Update 1 or without Smartsteam.

If you like FPS games like COD than this game is probably not for you. Also if you enjoy the game buy it and support the developers.

16 Responses to “How to play Red Orchestra 2 using Tunngle and Smartsteam”
  1. Kano says:

    Where is the mp fix? ty.

  2. Kano says:

    you are the man, I really want ot say thank you, for taking the time! and giving us the chance to play this great game, I can’t sepnd money on games but by people like you I can play this with my friends and have some fun on a new FPS gameplay style 😛 ty!

  3. 1 says:

    you do not need tunngle

  4. adarshtr says:

    ->to play multiplayer(using hamachi)

    1. download hamachi

    2. join ‘ROHOS-ATR’ in hamachi

    3. if i am online send me a message to setup the server(the adarshtr)

    4. open the console (in the game)(by pressing’~’)

    5. type in ‘open’

    6. and wait for a few seconds depending on your connection

    7. there ur done.

  5. jakcw 23132 says:

    when I try to connect to hamachi so it shows me that those server does not exist

  6. guilha33 says:

    where i download the mp fix?

  7. ROHOS is network ID?
    ATR is password?

  8. Bob says:

    GREAT thanks, now I have to reinstall steam and all the games with it. Great fucking advice, NOT.

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