How to play Saints Row: The Third using Tunngle

Thanks to Versatile for posting this tutorial. If you like the game buy it and support the developers. Advertisements

How to play Red Orchestra 2 using Tunngle and Smartsteam

Update* Servers. – Thanks to Pandabit from Tunngle Panda#1 = press F3 and type open Panda#4 = press F3 and type open (supports update 1) You`ll need the following: 1. Smartsteam 2. Tunngle 3. MP fix. — Install the game and download this MP fix here (check comments). Overwrite the files with the … Continue reading

How to play Brink online using Tunngle and GreenLuma

Not my tutorial. Works. Issues: Game won`t start: Make sure you delete steamclient (skidrow version) and to update vcredist_x86. Use Greenluma or Steamfix 1.41 and Tunngle – If someone is hosting you will be able to join. If you are using router make sure to portforward 11155. If your still having trouble visit the following … Continue reading

How to play Civilization V online

The following post was not writen by me. Original post can be found here. I cannot confirm whether this works 100% or not, I might in the future though. 1) Install Civilization 5 Skidrow release 2) Apply Skidrow crack 3) Edit steamclient.dll (in game directory) using notepad or hex editor replacing SKIDROW with your Steam … Continue reading

How to play Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days over Tunngle

THIS ONLY WORKS FOR MULTIPLAYER! If you want to play coop use google! You will need the following: 1. Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days 🙂 2. Tunggle 3. Hexplorer After you have installed the game you can try if the game has been blocked by firewall. In my case it just happened to be … Continue reading