Marketning of madness full documentary

Very informative documentary. Tom Cruise approves 😉 _______________________________________ Advertisements

Sony PSP Ad Mocks Apple iPhone Gaming

Found on Kotaku

How to FAIL at Advertising

1. Philips 2. MSI: Most Convincing Comp Ever 3. Cosmopolitan (Changing bodies) 4. Elle 5. Victoria Secret (at least we know the secret now) 6. McCormick Woods: Property Experts (who needs driveways) Found on Photoshop disasters

Advertisements Fail

Small collection from Youtube and FailBlog This is just disturbing Wrong timing Again disturbing Ouch game The gum that goes squirt Your wife would like that Losing weight with AYDS

Machinarium, offers $5 amnesty sale to those who pirated their game

Adventure game Machinarium focuses their attention to those who pirated the game by offering amnesty sale and a chance to redeem yourself. Game is now available for 5$ (it used to be 20$). Soundtrack included! “We released the game DRM-free which means it doesn’t include any anti-piracy protection, therefore the game doesn’t bother players serial … Continue reading

Scientific Advertising edited version

I wasn`t very happy with the version I posted before, so I decided to edit one version that is a bit easier to read (no colums now). Scientific_Advertising(edited)

Scientific Advertising (free ebook)

Everything about advertising has been said before. 87 years ago, for that matter. Take your time and read this fun book about advertising which by no means takes only the business side. Also this book is free and you are free to distribute it and copy it all you like. Credits go to Claude Hopkins … Continue reading