All 50 Mafia II Playboy girls (18+)

Playmate 1: Lari Laine – Miss May 1958 Playmate 2: Elaine Reynolds – Miss October 1959 Playmate 3: Ellen Stratton – Miss December 1959 Playmate 4: Sally Sarell – Miss March 1960 Playmate 5: Linda Gamble – Miss April 1960 Playmate 6: Ann Davis – Miss September 1960 Playmate 7: Connie Cooper – Miss January … Continue reading

Unusual way to quit your job? (HOPA girl)

I don`t know if this is real or not (still haven`t been confirmed), but sure is entertaining. Found on The Chive View all 33 pictures here

Machinarium, offers $5 amnesty sale to those who pirated their game

Adventure game Machinarium focuses their attention to those who pirated the game by offering amnesty sale and a chance to redeem yourself. Game is now available for 5$ (it used to be 20$). Soundtrack included! “We released the game DRM-free which means it doesn’t include any anti-piracy protection, therefore the game doesn’t bother players serial … Continue reading

This is how you play Street Fighter IV

Found this on Kotaku. Great vocabulary is all I can say 🙂 Article was found here.