How to play Brink online using Tunngle and GreenLuma

Not my tutorial. Works. Issues: Game won`t start: Make sure you delete steamclient (skidrow version) and to update vcredist_x86. Use Greenluma or Steamfix 1.41 and Tunngle – If someone is hosting you will be able to join. If you are using router make sure to portforward 11155. If your still having trouble visit the following … Continue reading

How to play Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days over Tunngle

THIS ONLY WORKS FOR MULTIPLAYER! If you want to play coop use google! You will need the following: 1. Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days 🙂 2. Tunggle 3. Hexplorer After you have installed the game you can try if the game has been blocked by firewall. In my case it just happened to be … Continue reading

Play Alien Swarm with friends over Tunngle

In order to play with friends over Steam you have to have a purchased game on Steam. Without that you cannot add friends to your steam account. However Alien Swarm offers Lan play and as it happens we have Tunngle at our disposal. Tunngle is a free VPN that enables you to play LAN games … Continue reading