How to play Dead Island via Smartsteam or Tunngle

I no longer play this game. No more support for this game. Everything can be found at CS.RIN.RU.


Update 3 for DI. Download here.

1. Copy and overwrite the content.

2. If your steam_appid is set to 57940 this will remove (but not delete) the save files. You can fix that by not copying steam_appid:)

3. Your save files are in the following folder (depending on which appid you use. )


Enable steam cloud if your game doesn`t save progress.

Switching appi: Copy save game to 13140 or 57940 and restart steam.


Update 2 for DI. Download here. Mirror

1. Copy the files to your game directory.

2. Start Smartsteam and play the game. Game saves are not lost (tested and working).

This one is pretty straight forward. Thanks to CS.RIN.RU

You need smartsteam if you are using these files. If there is a way for you to play only via Tunngle I`ll find it and post it here.

1. Install the game (reloaded or what ever you used)

2. Download the following update and co-op fix here.

3. Copy and overwrite the co-op/update files.

4. Start Smartsteam and Tunngle if you wish. In smartsteam add a non steam game.

5. Play. When ACT1 starts you can access game lobby.

6. Buy the game if your playing it and support the developers.

NOTE: Applying co-op fix might delete your save game.

Additionaly you can run Tunngle and go to room Dead Island (1,2 or how many there are now) and play with your friends on tunngle. Smartsteam has to run even if you run Tunngle.

Assuming you have installed the game correctly this should work.

Installing SmartSteam (you need smartsteam if you are using these files).

1. Download SmartSteam from here. These guys know what they are doing and there are no surveys/malware or anything else included in those files.

2. Make a dummy account on Steam.

3. Copy all the files that you downloaded to your steam folder.

4. Run Smartsteam.

142 Responses to “How to play Dead Island via Smartsteam or Tunngle”
  1. BlinD says:

    hey, i got a question. does patch #3 include #2 and #1? or i have to download em separately and install em one by one?

  2. Firestrike says:

    Well I find it retarded the devs made it you can’t join a friends game and you have to be same level exp and u need to search for him in the lobby.

    We are 4 friends that wanna play

    number 1 managed to join number 2’s game

    but number 3 and 4 keep failing to connect saying “you have failed to join player”.

    When Number 3 tries to join number 4 it says “Game is no longer available”

    In the end Number 3 (Me) and Number 4 join some random guys game both manage to connect and we take it over.

    it is retarded we cannot play together with our own progress and have to hijack other peoples games..

    is there anyway to solve it?

    • Arch says:

      Try joining a tunngle room that is not made for Dead Island… that’ll fix the random people joining the game. Game is no longer available is common… we fixed it by restarting the lobby also making sure all 4 people has their settings on LAN and has the same patch. Best thing is to do is all 4 start a new char and join the game right outside the hut where you start act 1.

  3. Dean Winchester says:

    It works 🙂

  4. :D says:

    lold…for first time IT WORKED,but when i lunched game for the 2nd time LOBY DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE…nice Trolling Steam

  5. Luke says:

    hey guys

    can me and my brother play this using update 3 and smart steam only ?? or do we need to do more work to get co op working ?

  6. HelloMellowYellow says:

    Followed the instructions properly, but when I choose a room to join, it says “The room you are trying to join are not available anymore” but it is still active. Tried it at all rooms, same message.

    Using a RELOADED copy with UPDATE 3 on

  7. Michael says:

    Update 3 broke multiplayer. Going back to 1.1.0 or 1.0.0 makes “JOIN” greyed out. Terrific job dumbasses!

  8. Marty says:

    Anyone know why quest tracking stopped working? Think it was working in co-op at first but now not anymore…

  9. d0nny94 says:

    hi if anyone wants to play i host online on smartsteam if you send me your steam profile ill add you send it as a link soo like…61193035851860 then if i add you i will come up in game lobby freinds tab if you have a headset and speak english even better 🙂 kk thx

  10. papshow says:

    Can i play Smartsteam online with a friend who acutally bought the game legitametly off of steam?
    WHen i try it says im playing Americas Army 3

  11. DI4life says:

    Pumpkin could you please update your guide immediately once you know a way to play Dead Island LAN without smartsteam (a friend of mine wants to play, but doesn’t want to risk his Steam account)

    Thanks in advance! ❤

    • Pumpkin says:

      You should never use your original account! Your friend should make a blank account in steam with another email attached to it so in case of ban his games will remain intact!

      • DI4life says:

        I know, but you have to fiddle around in the Steam folder. He’s just a little paranoid I’m afraid ^_^. Anyways I love the game singleplayer and would love to play it multiplayer so I’m keeping a close eye on your website for any information about co-op availability without Smartsteam!

        P.s. Is Tunngle needed 100%? Or does Hamachi work as well?

  12. xil3FF says:

    hey guys… does anyone know why i cant save anymore? i already played to lvl 8 and today al of my saves are gone and when i try to restart it wont even save this… so annoying.

    • Pumpkin says:

      Have you changed app_id? If so your games are not lost they are just in another folder.

      • xil3FF says:

        nope… i justed restarted the pc and everything was gone.. but i solved this by copying the “out” folder into the Dead Island dir. (and, just for sure, also into the DI folder in the Dead Island dir.)

  13. Dead.Island.Update.2-RELOADED says:

    Fix for save corruption.
    Different versions can now see each other @lobby

  14. Darrendeadislandcrew says:

    yeah some fix…. i have 1.2 and it is still greyed out…. im pissed. i had to restart like 5 times allready.

  15. adi says:

    HEY i have all updates and smartsteam and i cant join any game
    i have disconnected error or player left session
    i try everything but nothing help any idea??

  16. MacGruber says:

    they banned the co-op fix from megaupload, any way to get it somewhere else?

  17. john says:

    aye need new coop fix

    • INRAGE says:

      me too wont work , yesterday work great until 2pm , at 7am today no more join or invitation possible tunngle or not!

      • INRAGE says:

        forget: im using the update 3 , my buddy too!

      • Pumpkin says:

        Yeah something is wrong i guess, once I have more info ill let you know. Game works over Tunngle though. Just make sure you have the same version of the game and tunngle.

      • INRAGE says:

        :Pumpkin: yeswe have same version of tunngle and the game it self (1.2.0 ) aka update 3

        I think they applied a new patch , (steam) and for that we cannot invite or join a friend

        we gonna have to wait for a new patch / and someone to post its !! :))

  18. Staby says:

    Try to change channel of tunngle often.

  19. Joe Chambers says:

    I can’t invite anymore and before when me and my friend were playing dead island on steam it said we were playing duke nukem forever demo but it dosent anymore and I can’t invite or join his game now : /

  20. x says:

    Does any1 else get the error “Creating an internet game session failed” after the loading screen and can’t find any other servers, using smart steam? my game set to internet and b4 few days i could play with others and see over 50 servers in the lobby… now i get this error after the game start (after i load save game) and when i press game lobby i dont find any games 😦 pls help

  21. Lompard says:

    Its because Steam is blocking certain “AppID” that Dead Island MP is currently using. You can see your current ID in the “Steam_appid.txt” data in your Dead Island Folder.

    Unless you, or someone else, doesnt find a different APPid to use, MP wont be enabled.

    When you do find an Appid that works: Change the value inside “Steam_appid.txt” (Uncheck “Read-only” beforhand) and go into …/Steam/userdata/xxxxxxxx/ and change the foldername with the old appid value to the current one. For example 13410 to 17510.

    Those values are obsolete however.

  22. Lompard says:

    There might be indications, that Dead Island may or may not be playable using a programm that may or may not be called Tunngle with one of the aforementioned appid’s. But who knows, that may or may not be true! I cant look into that right now, since i may or may not be playing Dead Island at the moment.

  23. Mike says:

    Update 2 has been removed from the site, please link a new mirror

  24. Nagy Attila says:

    With some Braaaaaaains you can copy your saves over from the Reloaded Update 1 Version:

    “Whatever you install directory is”\Dead Island\out\save\save_0.sav <- This is your Reloaded save data for slot1.

    Put it here:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\Random Number\Random Number\remote\out\save\save_0.sav

    Keep searching if you have multiply ID's.
    Hope it helped.

  25. Swifty says:

    I downloaded the reloaded version, installed it, copy pasted the crack, downloaded update 1 reloaded, installed it as well, then downloaded update 3 for coop here. i was able to play just fine, game worked + coop worked then after couple of days i was still able to play but single player, i couldnt find anyone in the game loby. then the day or 2 after that, when i enter the game main menu and press Continue, the game loads and i can see that ussual loading screen but the game doesnt start it crashes, says “Dead Island has encountered a problem and needs to close” now i cant play the game at all, can someone please help me? 😦

  26. Brandon says:

    Ok When i play, Steam says im playing *edited*, So i cant play DI with people online, Is this for LAN only?

  27. crypto says:

    Hello, I’ve copy and pasted the 4 smartsteam file to my existing steam folder but i dunt see the long list of downloadable games in my steam but it still reflects the old games i have on my normal a/c

    why is this so?

    thank you!

  28. LunAds says:

    Im using AppID 42510 which works fine.
    but there is hardly any1 online..

    In 3 days i only saw 1 person online 😦

    comon ppl!
    or is there another working app id where ppl are on?
    btw pumkin, thx for your tutorial, it works perfect!

  29. Lee says:

    Wonder if you could help me figure out something.

    I added smart steam to the steam folder, everything was done correctly as far as the instructions on Tunngle go. I go to ‘Game Lobby’ and there are NO players there. It’s not blocked by a firewall, or anything. Any ideas why this is? I’m trying to play with someone on Tunngle.

  30. Krystal says:

    Is my smartsteam working if i dont see any long list of games? i’m trying to play deadisland on hamachi but i cant find my friends game and they say my smartsteam seems odd not displaying a long list of games but my own games
    help pls!!

  31. Gabriele Frontini says:

    I cannot add the game on Steam library. I installed the Reloeade version, added the 3 upgrades, installed Smart Steam, then i moved the game dir to Steam\steamapps\common\. Actually the two .exe I tried to add the game with are deadislandgame.exe and DeadIslandGame_original_1.2.0.exe. Any help would be gretly appreciated

    • Pumpkin says:

      You dont have to move folders or files. In steam at the bottom you will see add a game. Click that and choose “Add a non steam game” and then navigate to your game folder and select the exe file. Click OK and your done.

  32. stupid dead island says:

    somebody help me! the dumb steam dont save my game and when i quit game i have to do all again and the dumb steam clound doesnt work + my game lobby doesnt work after all he is all time greyed out and sometimes in my right corner it shows pres j to join in ******* game and when i pres j nothing happends please help me if i quit the gameplay all saves deletes themselves please help i installed the update 3 but it only fucked the game i cant play single or multiplayer no more

  33. just a noob... says:

    why does the links say the file is not available or has been deleted??? pls help don’t know how to update Dead Island

  34. Travchops says:

    Just got this game and trying to lan with my da, have updates 1+2+3 and co-op fix and even running smart steam the lobby is greyed out, have set it to be non steam game and cant get it running still, ideas?

  35. Arney says:

    I get the error “steam is required to play dead island” however im launching it from steam ..any ideas?

  36. nayruto says:

    Does anyone know what to do if my dead island keeps saying steam is required to play.

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