How to play Fear 3 online with Smartsteam

Found on CR.RIN.RU

1. Download the game and install it (works on Skidrow)
2. Download Update1+SP/MP Fix —> new link thanx to Sage
3. Extract it to FEAR 3 directory, replace existing files, delete steamclient.dll from game directory (if there is one)
4. Open SmartSteam & login with your blank account
5. Start the game from F.E.A.R. 3.exe.

If you like the game buy it!

7 Responses to “How to play Fear 3 online with Smartsteam”
  1. dan says:

    some help please…i do exactly as it says..but when i enter the game it just won’t start

    • Pumpkin says:

      What version of a game r u using? Do not overwrite all of the files, just what its needed (check the folder).

  2. Red says:

    Are you playing? Play with me please!

  3. sage says:

    As of 26.6.2011, this update works well.

    However, the download link is dead. Here’s a new one.

  4. mejme says:

    DOSENT WORK! tried opening ports, no firends list when using smartsteam…

  5. vania says:

    this is useless you can only play with people who’s using the same crack which less people using that so when you join or search for the game room most likely you hardly find one

    do you know how f*cking hard it is? while i was away to school for 5 hours i leave my computer on with auto macro key is on that search for servers and screen recorder so far when i came home and check the recorded video for 5 hours only 2 server found wtf?.. so only luck is in your side..thats all and goodluck if you like the game why trying hard to kill your self looking for cracks just to bypass the game to play online? JUST BUY the f*cking game for christ sakes!…

    • Pumpkin says:

      Game works fine, both players have to have the same version and the same update. Thats common sense. If you play the game buy it i agree.

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