COD: Black Ops enabling multiplayer + bots (SKIDROW)

Information found on CS: RIN RU I take no credit for it!


1. Updates 2/3 available

2. New BO Loader

BOLoader 0.6 (Comment from Alexandre)
– included advanced classes mod (thx holi60)
– included new modloader (thx SuperNovaAO)
– update 2/3 steamfix support
– devmap support
– version check
– new GUI

Download :

3. Check this site for more info – I no longer play this game

4. Most answers can be found in the comment section


Crack fix – no need for GreenLuma anymore (works tested it) – If it seems as if it stopped working just wait πŸ˜‰

Killstreak mod (3 kill rc, and so on) – Just tested it, still dont know if it works fully – You need mod loader and copy the code inside _rank.gsc – Version 3

3 Kills – Spy Plane [killstreak_spyplane]
3 Kills – RC-XD (RC bomb) [killstreak_rcbomb]
4 Kills – Counter Spy Plane [killstreak_counteruav]
4 Kills – SAM Turret [killstreak_tow_turret_drop]
5 Kills – Care Package [killstreak_supply_drop]
5 Kills – Napalm Strike [killstreak_napalm]
6 Kills – Sentry Gun [killstreak_auto_turret_drop]
6 Kills – Mortar Team [killstreak_mortar]
7 Kills – Attack Helicopter [killstreak_helicopter_comlink]
7 Kills – Valkyrie Rockets [killstreak_m220_tow_drop]
8 Kills – Blackbird [killstreak_spyplane_direction]
8 Kills – β€œRolling Thunder” [killstreak_airstrike]
9 Kills – Chopper Gunner [killstreak_helicopter_gunner]
11 Kills – Attack Dogs [killstreak_dogs]
11 Kills – Gunship [killstreak_helicopter_player_firstperson]

Thanks DeathMax


1. Changing gametype

– Before starting the game type (in console) g_gametype tdm than desired map e.g. /map mp_nuked

Game types:

hlnd -> stick and stones
gun -> gun mode
shrp -> sharpshooter
oic -> one in the chamber
tdm=Team deathmatch (used for default)
ctf=Capture the flag
sd=Search and destroy

I have only tested TDM and Sharpshooter (shrp)






Run in devmap e.g. /devmap mp_nuked and then /give ammo or any other weapon

Weapon list here.



There are 2 commands in config_mp that enables multi-core CPU and multi-core GPU.

seta r_multiGpu “0” disable multi-core GPU
seta r_multithreaded_device “1” enable multi-core CPU ( by default is disabled )

TDM TWEAKS (add these line to config_mp.cfg)

seta scr_tdm_scorelimit “30000”
seta scr_tdm_timelimit “20”
seta scr_team_fftype “1”



1. Console not working

Additionaly you can download some other crack which has console already enabled. Make sure your game is updated. Search for info here.

2. Bot difficulty

You can change bot difficulty in console or config_mp.cfg by changing the value “Normal” to “Hard”

3. Enabling Hardcore mode

Before starting the game type in console scr_hardcore 1

4. Leveling and killstreaks doesn`t work

Even with that mod, your stats will always be returned to 0

5. Wait and be patient πŸ™‚

Buy the game if you like it and support the developers πŸ™‚

94 Responses to “COD: Black Ops enabling multiplayer + bots (SKIDROW)”
  1. Frikinaus says:

    Hi i’ve done all as suggested .. and when the bar finihes its loading time of the mp map , a string popped out asking me the iscription in order to play multiplayer mode . Did i skip something?

  2. shockwave says:

    doesnt work. i’v tried averything.. followed ur instructions soo carefully’
    first anymap starts to load. then a error came up” u have to register to Pc networks” kinda like that.. 😦
    any suggestion please?

    • Pumpkin says:

      Have you opened the game through GreenLuma? It doesnt work unless you open the game that way.

      • Frikinaus says:

        where should i place the mapc config file? i cannot understand that “playersfolder” —> (Copy my file to your …/Black Ops/players folder)

      • Frikinaus says:

        i’ve found the right folder… but the result is the same …

      • Pumpkin says:

        From where do you start the game? Look if it wont work , I will make a video tutorial. Im just busy atm

      • Frikinaus says:

        I’m starting the game from greenluma.exe πŸ˜‰ I tried to enable also the console as suggested in the other tutorial but when i press tilde the game stops and splits in 2 windows… i think i’ll disable this console XD

  3. Vaz says:

    Funny thing.. Ive just made it work on one machine and played nice so far. But when I try to run on my other machine (following exactly the same procedures) it just says “YOU must be signed into the pc network to play only machines”.Im executing through green luma.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Pumpkin says:

      Hmm weird. Do you have the game updated on both machines? Maybe something got changed I dunno, I also noticed that code changes after you play it (not a programmer so I dont know much, what or why it changed). You can always try and repeat the steps. If else fails try reinstalling, could help.

    • Frikinaus says:

      what’s your game version? and how can i check it >_<?

      • Pumpkin says:

        Im using Skidrow version plus Skidrow Update 1. Have you tried reinstalling the game? Game creates players folder after you played the game. Maybe try search function, maybe its somewhere else.

  4. Zero says:

    This doesn’t seem to work on windows 7. When It loads depending on what gamemode you pick you will either get an error message or a black screen or a freezeup of the mp.exe.

  5. Pumpkin says:

    To all who are having issues: Every update is writen here.

  6. Zero says:

    I got It working. The problem was after you have the update 1 you have to download and install that other mp.exe and extra files also that are in the full writeup. In other words, the update 1 mp.exe will not work and you have to get the other mp.exe for this to work.

    • Pumpkin says:

      I have everything from Skidrow no crack was replaced. Anyway Im glad you got it working πŸ™‚ You can share the link for the rest πŸ™‚

  7. Zero says:

    I will do just that. Even though Its bots and you cant gain rank or use killsteaks It is still awsome that we can do something with the multiplayer and It’s still a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing this Pumpkin.

  8. Pumpkin says:

    Well I found out that it doesnt matter only bots can level up. I played with the file and added killstreaks… worked to some extent but got messed up πŸ™‚ Well at least you have bots to fool around with hehe

    • Zero says:

      Hey I got the one mod to work with that loader. The Dogs and Hind mod is already a .gsc file so all you do is put it into the mods folder. It lets you call out attack dogs and hinds and also gives you commando, those knifes that shoot out and a bazooka πŸ™‚

      The other ones have the code for all kinds of stuff but I dont know how to create .gsc file from a .txt file…
      If you know how to create a .gsc file the other one would give attack helicopters and other guns.

  9. Zero says:

    Ah. You just download the .txt file then save it as rank.gsc and choose all files instead of text file. Then just rename It as _rank.gsc and use the loader for injection. The mini gun one is cool with the chopper but once the enemy’s see the choppers they switch to their rocket launchers and don’t have the code in the .gsc to switch back to the mini gun after so they kinda turn into test dummys to destroy. Pity.

  10. NATe says:

    Thank you. Works Great.

    • Frikinaus says:

      argh Finally worked . Thanks.. how can I improve the bot’s skills? does the value dificult in thi string work? –>
      seta scr_bot_difficulty “difficult”?? let me know pls .. thanks again

      • Pumpkin says:

        Yes you can change, number of bots or difficulty. Change it to hard if you wish so.
        Additionally you can before starting a game type in console scr_hardcore 1 to enable hardcore mode πŸ™‚

  11. Zero says:

    Hey guys go here and download Itsmodsloader then edit the .gsc in the mods folder.

    When you see this code about half way down;

    self maps\mp\gametypes\_hardpoints::giveKillstreak(“airstrike_mp”, “airstrike_mp”, true, false);

    The part where It says airstrike_mp twice you can replace that/those with any of these killstreaks listed below to try them all out. πŸ˜€


    I would recommend you only add 1 killstreak each time you play. Some killstreaks the AI doesn’t use like the rc bomb remote control car but you can πŸ™‚

  12. Zero says:

    If anyone knows how to change the auto map rotation from default, (you know the same 3 maps) could you list It on this page please. I know how to start a any map but one you are playing the standard rotation takes over and the same old maps keep rotating. I don’t know If It is a console command or a config file modification that is needed…

  13. Zero says:

    The Mod folder is part of Itsmodloader. If you go through all the subfolders also to the last one you will see a _rank.gsc file inside by itself. That is the file you edit. Once you are ready, you just start Itsmodloader.exe then load the multiplayer .exe for blackops and It will inject itself. Hope this helps.

  14. felix 1 says:

    any way a friend can join on for a lan?? with this crack? im desperate to lan but have no internet any help????????

  15. GenXePe says:

    is to create a rank when you play offline? to save the level?

  16. Zero says:

    Hey guys can you test this out and try to get It to work for either zombies or multi player. It is some kinda lan emulator that might be able to be used with blackops.

    • Pumpkin says:

      There is no Lan for now as far as I know. In this video no gameplay is shown. Moreover it was posted one day before I posted my video. Do it at you own rist! πŸ™‚

  17. Zero says:

    Hey Pumpkin that lan emulator is for Star-craft 2 so I don’t think It will work for Black op’s I found out. I have an updated BlackOpsMP.exe that goes right to the menu and skips the connecting to steam stuff and I tested It and works fine with bots so you can update your directions on top more to avoid confusion. I just uploaded It to media-fire and here is the link.

  18. john says:

    hi… tanx u very much … but how can i change the bots number

    • Pumpkin says:

      seta scr_bots_managed_all “12”
      seta scr_bots_managed_spawn “12”

      In config_mp.cfg – Change the number πŸ™‚

      PS: Make backup in case you mess up something

      • Dries :D says:

        there is only 1 bot in the match , and he is a spectator , how do i play against bots ?

      • Help Please says:

        “Pumpkin says:
        November 20, 2010 at 10:46 pm
        00 Rate This
        seta scr_bots_managed_all β€œ12β€³
        seta scr_bots_managed_spawn β€œ12β€³

        In config_mp.cfg – Change the number ”

        But I don’t have these… I searched & looked for them but they weren’t there… what do I do???

  19. I NEED HELP! says:

    hey can u help umm there’s no compatibility file buttonο»Ώ thing help? im 32bit windows 7

  20. Pumpkin says:

    @Dries – You can also use Bot Loader from Teknogods
    @I NEED HELP – Don`t understand your question. What is the problem?

  21. Ybo says:

    Works fine thx πŸ˜€

  22. Alexsandre says:

    Pumpkin You know how it is to paint the gun by _rank.gsc?


  23. Estades says:

    Hi Guys, Can I ask you what is working right now cause I’m little confused.

    1)This game requires steam to be installed to play in Multiplayer with bots ?
    2) If not I’ve already installed the game as a normal game then installed the skidrow update too, edited mp_config to get the game console, loaded the nuke deatmach map but I do get the “YOU must be signed into the pc network to play only machines” error.

    3) What’s the difference between the GreenLuma crackfix and why different sizes files ? and what are those xxx.ncf files.

    4)Kill Streaks are available or not, what about ItsModLoader is this working and to wich extent ?

    Thanks for your replies in advance bros.


  24. Estades says:

    Tried that and now it works πŸ™‚

    But what _rank file should I use and what are the differences between the one you linked and the one included with itsmodloader.

    For reference this is what I have:

    • Pumpkin says:

      The original only enables airstrike while in the one by Deathmax you actually progress with kills e.g. 3 kills Rcbomb, 5 Kills airstrike etc. Plus you can use perks and different weapons which you can modife in _rank file. Hope that clears it for you πŸ™‚

  25. Pratheeplt says:

    Hey Pumpkin do you know how to get more than 3 guns, i have only 3 guns and custom classes/other guns are disabled.
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Pumpkin says:

      You have to run map in devmap mode. For instance /devmap mp_nuke – to enable cheats and then you can add weapons. You have to have patched version of the console (not sure if this is the one, but you can try). Then you type /give ammo or whatever weapon you need. I updated the post with weapons list.

  26. Pumpkin says:

    @HelpPlease Add them manualy πŸ™‚

  27. sabidiet says:

    ok everything goes fine but when i start the game no bots come out

    help? thanks in advance

    • Pumpkin says:

      You still have to add them into your config_mp.cfg file.
      seta scr_bots_managed_all β€œ12β€³
      seta scr_bots_managed_spawn β€œ12β€³

  28. Neil says:

    hi, i downloaded the crack and followed wat u did in the video. After the map finishes loadin, there are no bots. its only me versing no one

    • Pumpkin says:

      Have you added those lines into config_mp.cfg?
      seta scr_bots_managed_all β€œ12β€³
      seta scr_bots_managed_spawn β€œ12β€³

      You still have to add those codes into config file.

      • Neil says:

        i dont have the config_mp.cfg
        i downloaded the SKIDROw black ops but its not in there.
        i have the config_mp.cfg for COD4 but thats it

  29. GenXePe says:

    Custom Classes Mod by Holi60
    Custom Classes Mod by Holi60

    Will work with BoLoader 0.5 from this POST.

    Here is the pre-release

    It’s only the first version….
    You can customize:
    -Primary Weapon
    -Secondnary Weapon
    -Special Grenade

    Place to *mod folder*\maps\mp\gametypes\
    Please Read the readme.txt





  30. Ybo says:

    Somebody know how to put camo on the weapons? :S

  31. piojo says:

    I tried every crack i can find, and its not working. I have skidrow release on win 7 32 bit

    i get three different errors:

    1) the map loads and then i get a message ” you must be signed to pc network” or something…

    2) I get fatal error

    3) the game starts and there are no bots (the seta commands are writen in config_mp file)

    the funny thing, I also have the old os XP (on different HD) which there it works just fine, but this install was a from a different download (but skidrow as well).

    so i copy everything from the one which works to the one isnt……

    still doesnt work.

    plz help, I dont want to keep two os just 4 this

    • Pumpkin says:

      Hmm has the game been updated? Right now there are three updates (1,2,3) and each has separate crack. This works with update 1 (which I have) and I havent tested it with other updates. If everything fails try reinstalling the game. Or maybe try it with GreenLuma or Smartsteam.

  32. Pratheeplt says:

    Where is _rank.gsc ?

  33. Zero says:

    Here is a link to the new _rank.gsc file made by Deathmax and customized by me below for itsmodloader.

    This gives you random len colors, reticules, camos on your guns and facepaint each time you respawn.

    All the killtreaks are set up for drops and you can change them with the R key.

    You can edit the guns, perks and killstreaks yourself If you so choose.

  34. COdmp says:

    Updated – facepaint, camo, patch 2 and 3 support

  35. Alexsandre says:

    BOLoader 0.6
    – included advanced classes mod (thx holi60)
    – included new modloader (thx SuperNovaAO)
    – update 2/3 steamfix support
    – devmap support
    – version check
    – new GUI

    Download :

  36. M.V says:

    Working MP crack. But no LAN, download @

  37. Rowan says:

    Is there a multiplayer mod avaliable for Skidrow update 6?

  38. amazing1 says:

    I have installed update 5 and 6 from skidrow and now the bot loader does not work…Is there any way to fix this?

  39. Pumpkin says:

    @adwira In the config file you should something like seta scr_tdm_timelimit β€œ20β€³ written, change the value to whatever you heart desires.

  40. jonathan says:

    Hi, I was wondering how I set up/change cfg, to make a game with just me vs 8 bots?

  41. sub-zero says:

    hummm… i dont get it can u play online ?
    do you always hav to write stuff on the begining ?
    does it work like it would normaly work on the original game ?

    plz help ima newbie at these things !!!

  42. POSTAl456 says:

    Is their a way i can edit the number of kills from 7500 to something else in TDM?

  43. Death Bringer says:


    set scr_tdm_scorelimit “15000”
    maybe…. :p


    set scr_(dm,koth,sd,other)_(scorelimit,roundlimit)_(number)
    for other gametypes….

    Just see the console and write like set scr_ tdm
    and see the text below it…..

  44. Sniip3R says:

    i cant put bots 😦 … help me plz

  45. Venter109 says:

    Does this thing work for LAN or only online ?

  46. Mohammed says:

    Hello, Please help me!… I have tried doing what you did! but it says PC Network… and bla bla bla so please help me!

  47. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time
    a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

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