Crysis 2 Beta leaked on torrents

This is spreading extremely fast. No Idea how EA let this one slide through. Text and pictures are from As of two hours ago, an early beta build of CRYSIS 2 has been leaked online! This was supposed to be released on 22nd March 2011. The file size is of around 9 GB and … Continue reading

Medal of Honor open beta starts today

Medal of Honor open beta starts today and will be going till 7th October. Go try it out and see if its a buy or a “rent”. I will try and record some videos for you. Edit: Gameplay videos added (wasn`t really trying) 🙂

Microsoft announces “Flight” and “Age of Empires Online”

Microsoft announced the development of “Microsoft Flight” and is already beta testing Age of Empires online. This time Microsoft renamed its franchise to Flight and that is all of the information out there. However you can sign up for Age of Empires Online Beta here.