COD: Black Ops enabling multiplayer + bots (SKIDROW)

Information found on CS: RIN RU I take no credit for it! UPDATE 2 1. Updates 2/3 available 2. New BO Loader BOLoader 0.6 (Comment from Alexandre) ==Changelog== V0.6 – included advanced classes mod (thx holi60) – included new modloader (thx SuperNovaAO) – update 2/3 steamfix support – devmap support – version check – new … Continue reading

COD: Black Ops enabling console and Zombie mode (Skidrow)

If you downloaded Skidrow version this is how to enable console.   1. Go to game directory and go to Players folder e.g. C:\ProgramFiles\BlackOps\players 2. Open config.cfg 3. In the config.cfg search for “monkeytoy” (ctrl+f to find) and change value from “1” to “0” (to enable console) 4. Save ___________ In game press tild (~) … Continue reading

Unlock Dead Ops in COD:Black Ops (PC version)

In the main screen, look down and tap space till you get free. Walk past those monitors and to the left you will find a console. Type DOA for Dead Ops or Zork for Zork game. Play 🙂

Kat Dennings leaked pictures (18+)

I don`t care why, but damn those are some nice PUMPKINS 😉 Why hide them in the first place 🙂 – kidding, if she gets upset I`ll take them down…..? ************************* UPDATE 🙂 SHE GOT UPSET 🙂

Marketning of madness full documentary

Very informative documentary. Tom Cruise approves 😉 _______________________________________

Lost planet 2 Teknogods dll was released today

In case you didn`t know Teknogods released their beta 18 dll fix for Lost planet 2 today. Beta 18 enables you to play Lost planet 2 through Tunngle. I don`t have the game yet, but I`m pretty sure it works the same as it did for other games. Get the Beta 18 here. Here is … Continue reading

How to play Minecraft in Tunngle

This one is pretty straight forward 1. Join Tunngle room called Minecraft or Minecraft (2) 2. Ask or wait till someone adds IP 3. Enter tunngle IP into your Minecraft multiplayer 4. Have fun 5. Here is a guide on how to build suff: _________________________________________ Additional notes: 1. If you downloaded alpha version from … Continue reading

Medal of Honor open beta starts today

Medal of Honor open beta starts today and will be going till 7th October. Go try it out and see if its a buy or a “rent”. I will try and record some videos for you. Edit: Gameplay videos added (wasn`t really trying) 🙂

October and November PC Releases

NBA 2K11 05 Oct 2010 Medal of Honor 12 Oct 2010 Fallout: New Vegas 19 Oct 2010 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 26 Oct 2010 DC Universe Online 02 Nov 2010 James Bond 007: Blood Stone 02 Nov 2010 Call of Duty: Black Ops 09 Nov 2010 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 16 Nov … Continue reading

FIFA 11 possible Lan solution with proof

Whoever hosts, must not host the game over router. After the game is set people with routers can join. This was debated in tunngle room and I take no credit for this. This is the best solution for now, If anything new comes up, I`ll update the post. Here is the proof. Hosting proof 😉 … Continue reading